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Regulations for Hyttemessen Hellerudsletta fall 2020

  1. The purpose of Hyttemessen is to offer both the public and professionals a display of materials, equipment and expertise related to cabins and cabin equipment.  All companies and organisations associated with the cabin/cottage industry may participate as trade fair exhibitors.
  2. Hyttemessen is for promotional and sales purposes. There will be opportunities to take orders and sign contracts.
    The registration form can be completed online at www.hyttemessen.no, or sent by email to post@hyttemessen.no
  3. Applicants will be registered once the registration form is completed, accepted and signed, and payment has been made in accordance with point 6 of the regulations. Each form applies to one exhibitor only. For shared stands, each exhibitor must fill out a separate registration form and pay a registration fee. Registration for participation is binding. The organiser will determine whether to accept the registration application.
  4. Stand hires are calculated based on the following rates: Wall stand, NOK1350pr m², 9-49m². Open stand, minimum 50 m², NOK 1250 pr m². Outdoor stand NOK 990 pr m², minimum 15 m². Registration fee per exhibitor, NOK 3 250.  An invoice will be sent once registration is complete. Companies that are not registered in Norway must pay an advance of 25% for stand hire, minimum NOK 5000, in addition to the exhibitor package. VAT will be added to these charges.
  5. The exhibitor package is paid upon registration. An invoice will be sent once registration is complete. The exhibitor package includes: 2 parking permits, a stand sign, daily stand cleaning, a listing in the trade fair newsletter, and a listing online at www.hyttemessen.no. These listings apply only for those who register before 15 February. The entire fee for stand hire is due no later than 20 January 2020, unless another written agreement has been made. Default interest will be charged for each month of defaulted payment, according to the statutory default interest rates.
  6. Guidelines for cancellations: Registered exhibitors are liable for exhibitor package fees and all stand hire fees. 
    To participate in any of our arrangements, the previous payments must be settled. 
  7. Subletting of exhibition areas is not permitted. Only registered companies may participate in the trade fair.
  8. An OPEN STAND is a stand that is put together by the exhibitor. The stand is delivered with open sides and generally placed in a detached block together with other exhibitors with similar stands. The organiser does not supply walls or front tables for these stands, however, exhibitors should be aware that neighbouring stands may be set up with walls. WALL STANDS are built with standard side and back walls, as well as a fascia board using the Octanorm stand structure. This is mandatory and included in the stand hire. Stand structures that exceed 2.5 metres or more than 1 metre, with the wall out towards the hall, as well as a roof/cover over the stand, and signs extending across the hall area, must be approved in advance by Hyttemessen AS and X Meeting Point.
  9. The organiser reserves the right to discontinue registration or reduce the area for assigned stand sites if the trade fair is fully booked by an earlier date. Assigned stand sites for the different product groups will be shown, to the extent possible.
  10. Only goods and services that have been registered may be displayed at the trade fair. Exhibited objects cannot be removed from the stand during the trade fair period without the written consent of the organiser. The organiser may remove, without explanation, exhibited goods and services that are not covered by the main areas of the trade fair.
  11. No posters etc. are permitted outside the assigned stand site. Samples and advertising material can only be distributed from the exhibitor's own stand.
  12. Demonstrations, distribution of samples, use of audio-visual equipment, voice enhancers and similar items must not disturb the neighbouring stands and nearby areas. Any complaints should be directed to the organiser, who has the ultimate authority in terms of decisions in these matters.
  13. Circumstances beyond the control of the organiser, such as disruptions to the supply of electricity, water, heat, telecommunications or data networks, etc., as well as circumstances that fall under the heading of force majeure, do not entitle exhibitors to claim any compensation or refund of stand charges.
  14. The organiser provides ordinary security from the start of assembly to the end of disassembly, but accepts no legal liability for the exhibited goods, equipment or third party property. Exhibitors must ensure all necessary insurance coverage.
  15. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for all transport, assembly, disassembly, storage, packing and removal of their own goods and decoration materials. All exhibitor goods must be clearly marked with names and stand numbers.
  16. Exhibitors are liable for damages to buildings, interiors and facilities. Instructions and guidelines by the organiser and authorities must be followed carefully. Should the load of the goods and equipment exceed the maximum per m², this must be noted in the registration form. Exhibitors must cover the expenses for necessary foundations or reinforcements. In certain halls or sections of halls, double-deck stands (with two stories) may be assembled. Double-deck stands must have guardrails, and must be approved by the organiser in advance. If the structure of the stand exceeds standard wall height, a sketch of the proposed layout must be submitted to the organiser for prior approval.
  17. The organiser will provide cleaning of public corridors and normal daily cleaning of stands. Additional cleaning must be booked and paid for by the exhibitor. Once the stand has been disassembled, the exhibitor must clear and clean the site, and remove all decorations, nails, foundations, etc. The organiser reserves the right to approve additional cleaning or clearing if necessary, at the exhibitor's expense.
  18. Should there be certain circumstances beyond the control of either party that prevent the trade fair from taking place, including war, revolution, strike or other unforeseen events, neither party will have any claim on the other. Should the trade fair be disrupted by force majeure after opening, this reimbursement will be reduced proportionally based on the number opened days from the number planned days.
  19. All registrations are bound by the regulations for Hyttemessen, regardless of any presented conditions. Hyttemessen AS will make legally binding decisions for all disputes involving the interpretation of regulations or provisions.
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